MotoLab Club 14

Interview with the co-founder of CX Air Dynamics, who launches the first airbag overpants for bikers.

Hi Xavier, following your last interview with us last december, we are coming to the news to find out the progress of your airbag pants. To begin with, where are you at with this great project?
After three years of research and development, we have just received the first prototype which exceeds our expectations with an approval in progress with the competent authorities, a preliminary step before moving on to the production and marketing phase.

Is everything going as planned? 
Yes, even if the confinement delayed us by a few weeks, like most companies, but we are still continuing in the same dynamic.

Can you remind us of the specifics of these airbag pants? 
The airbag pants, a world innovation, effectively protect the lower body, the number one source of injuries for bikers. In the event of an accident, a wired system allows the instantaneous activation of the airbags which protect vulnerable areas.
Once inflated, these pants, inspired by the technology of anti-G trousers used by fighter pilots, provide essential mobility for evacuating the scene of the accident in complete safety.
This airbag pants combines protection, comfort and design. It’s impact and abrasion resistant thanks to the use of Cordura known for its ability to resist abrasion, and Poron, known for its shock absorption and distribution properties, and its rate of protection. It’s compact, easy to put on and take off. Once folded, it puts on a helmet.

Did you have to make any concessions between what you imagined and the end result? 
The product developed fully corresponds to the expectations we had when we were considering this project. With changes, the result of continuous reflection to improve its qualities: The pants are protective, comfortable and practical to use. In this sense, it allows bikers to enjoy their passion in complete safety.

When will the prototype be ready? When do you imagine selling the finished model and what will be its purchase price? 
It’s ready, it leaves within 1 week for approval then it will take about 4 weeks. The goal is to launch our product by the end of the year.
Pricing is being finalized but is expected to be close to that of an airbag vest, although the product provides much larger area coverage than a vest.

What are your ambitions and goals for this product? 
We have important ambitions when we see the acceleration of the development of the airbag vest. Riders are aware of the usefulness of optimal lower body protection in the event of an impact, as 63% of injuries affect the lower limbs.

Do you have other parallel or upcoming projects?
The launch will revolve around a product developed in several sizes. The objective is to extend our offer each year through our design and R&D teams to best meet the expectations of bikers.