Our maintenances tips


Wasshing and drying

Regularly clean your equipment with a damp sponge.
You can use a mild soap, such as Marseille soap, if necessary.
No detergents, even mild.
The airbag pants should never pass in machine or tumble dryer.
No iron, either!
Allow to dry in the open air and in the shade, with a container underneath.
You can pass a waterproofing bomb on your equipment, this will improve the resistance of the outer material to water as well as dirt.
No dry cleaning.

Daily maintenance

Always allow your equipment to air dry after use.
No drying in the sun or through a direct heat source (hairdryer, radiator …). This could cause premature discoloration, or irreversible damage as this product is water repellent.
Remember, there is an airbag inside!br />Never store your pants in an airtight bag or box.
Moisture will cause mold to appear.

Remove hip and knee protectors

Both the knee pads and the hip pads are positioned in pockets provided for this purpose.
To remove them, if you wish to visualize them, all you have to do is remove them from their location, taking the precaution not to force because the pockets are very adjusted to their size.
Proceed in the reverse order to put them back in their location.
Respect the direction and positioning studied to best protect the knees and hips.

Change the gas cartridge

Your Airbag pants have tripped and you need to change the cartridge.
You can do it without danger.
Remove the used CO² cartridge by unscrewing it from the firing pin.
Once the operation is complete, you need to unscrew the firing pin cap using the allen key provided.
Watch out for the spring that is inside the firing pin and that is held by the cap that you unscrew.
Remove the cap and reassemble the piston using the allen key, positioning it below the firing pin, and inserting it through the opening dedicated to the cartridge location.
Raise the piston until the ball located on the leash is perfectly aligned with its location in the piston.
Place the ball in the piston.
Position the spring in its location in the striker.
Gradually screw the cap back on which will compress the piston (blocked by the leash ball) in the firing pin.
Your striker is now rearmed.
Now all you need to do is screw in a new cartridge.
Your device is now active.