Emoto – Lyon motor show

The Air Dynamics CX airbag overpants at the 2020 Lyon Motor Show by Jean-Michel Lainé 

The idea of this start-up installed on Club14’s MotoLab is to protect the legs since the airbag solutions seen so far only concern the upper body. This airbag overpants was exhibited at the 2020 Lyon Motor Show by CX Air Dynamics.

Airbag overpants, a bit like a vest

CX Air Dynamics exhibited a first working prototype of an airbag overpants on the Moto Lab stand at Club14. For the upper body, there are jackets, coveralls or airbag vests but nothing is currently available for the lower body, explained Xavier Bouquillard, one of the founders of this company based in Saint Clar De Rivière not far from Toulouse. . These overpants are the subject of a patent pending by CX Air Dynamics.

Triggering of the CX Air Dynamics airbag overpants by wire.

This airbag device installed in these overpants increases protection in the event of an accident. This prototype overpants is triggered by a thread that is hung on the motorcycle or the scooter as is the case on many airbag vests. Xavier Bouquillard specifies that an electronically triggered version will complete this wired version presented at the Lyon Motor Show. It will allow coupling with an airbag vest.

1er sur-pantalon airbag, innovation brevetée au niveau mondial
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